Rock concert: Yellowstone seismic activity to be performed on live flute

On Tuesday, Dr Domenico Vicinanza of the UK’s Anglia Ruskin University will use a computer program he has developed to turn real-time data, recorded by a seismograph at Yellowstone national park in the US, into a musical score.


Vinegar tasters, East & West

Lovely, as always, from Hermit's Thatch. A note on the painting at the beginning of this post. The Buddha is represented a little unfairly, in my view, being that suffering is the beginning of his viewpoint, but far from being the end of it.

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Gonzo Blogging – Embedded with the Inspectorates

I am starting to write this blog in a hotel embedded within the HMICFRS/HMIP inspection team, sleep deprived, but fuelled by hotel coffee and curiousity. I have spent 16 of the last 24 hours working on a police custody inspection.

I searched the web for Gonzo blogging to see if anyone had identified it as a thing. Didn't expect to find anything quite so close to home.

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Life's many lessons

This is a list of lessons learned from lived experience. It began as an email in 2020, and is now here for posterity and further development.

Well done, Mo. These are great.

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Landscape Undulations and Evening Light

Earth science picture of the day


The 10 best Star Wars video games

Though GameCube's Rogue Leader is an omission.